We love golf. It’s what weekends were made for. We believe golf should be fun. We believe golf shouldn’t cost a fortune.

It’s BS that the so called “top” brands in golf rip off their customers. We hate BS and being ripped off.

That’s why we designed and engineered our own balls that are as good or better than anything on the market. We sell them direct to you to cut out all of the BS mark-ups.

Balls Deep Golf

The Process

Golf balls are what we do, and we’re damn good at it.

We design and engineer the World’s Best Golf Balls right here in the beautiful US-of-A, how else could you have the World’s Best? And we started selling direct to our fellow golfers and drinking buddies.

We take orders online and ship direct to you. No middlemen, no mark-ups. This means you’re getting a better ball at a better price.

Our balls our cheaper because we’re not paying 3-4-5 layers of distribution. We’re not paying PGA tour players. We’re not trying to screw over our friends with unjustified pricing.

All our balls our independently tested utilizing international testing laboratories. The results are strong and prove that our balls are as good or better than anything on the market.

Balls Deep Golf

Changing the Market

In addition to making kick-ass golf products we also want to change the image of the sport we love so much. Golf is far too damn stuffy. We want golf to be recognized as fun and relaxing, not Richie Rich rolling around with his caddie. We ain’t going out to play in our white shoes, belts, and formal attire for a round with Judge Smails.

We want to fill up the cooler, turn on some music, maybe hit a few good shots, maybe take a few shots, and relax with our friends out on the course. More like playing with John Daly or Ric Flair . . .

So if you see someone out there rocking Balls Deep make sure you buy ‘em a beer. Make sure you tip the cart girls. And as always remember to Go Deep . . .

– Balls Deep Golf